Precautions for using strong hold hair mousse

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Strong hold hair mousse is often used as a foam. It is used by pressure shooting it onto the palm of the hand as foam and then is applied to the hair to act as a styling agent. Strong hold hair mousse often contains various nutrients that hair needs, such as serine, which prevents hair-splitting, and lanolin derivatives, and high polysilicon oil, which are also good for hair care and beauty. Mousse has strong adhesion and fixing power, and after a simple blow-dry combing, it can make the hairstyle shape quickly and maintain for a period of time. The most important function of styling mousse is to enhance the texture of your hair. If your hair is thin, you can put a little styling mousse on wet hair, comb it and then blow dry it, or use it with hair bands to make it easier to do hair.

●Why do you need to choose wisely?

●How to choose Strong hold hair mousse?

Why do you need to choose wisely?

Different styling mousses also have different degrees of hold. Usually, there are hard and soft mousses. Strong hair fixing power, for hair roots stand, and obvious lines of hair; soft agent mousse, less viscous, for hair soft hair.

How to choose Strong hold hair mousse?

Strong hold hair mousse selection, should pick the regular wide family production, foam New dense rich, not sticky hair, the hair has good permeability, coverage, and combing molding performance. The purpose formula contains a special nutritional protein, the hair has nutritional nourishment and another protective effect of quality products.

The correct way to use strong-hold hair mousse is:

  1. Wash your hair, wipe dry properly (mousse works best when hair is slightly wet), and use a comb to comb through and smooth your hair, so that the hair presents a preliminary outline pattern of departure.

  2. Make the Strong hold hair mousse pressure shot in the center of the palm of your hand or in the shape of a ball of foam. The amount should be moderate, depending on the amount of hair and hairstyle requirements.

  3. Rub the Strong hold hair mousse well with both hands, then apply it evenly on the hair and comb through it with a comb to make the mousse penetrate all the hair.

  4. With a small hair dryer, use a comb to comb through the style. Note that the blow combing time should be moderate, not too long, as long as the hairstyle is set on it, and then use the comb (brush) and fingers then finishing touches to make the hair perfect. If the blow combing time is too long, it will make the hair dry, and stiff, and lose the natural hair texture.

When using strong-hold hair mousse, you must also note that it is often packaged under pressure and should be sprayed upside down. Always use and store in a high temperature (high-temperature 50℃) environment and do not collide violently.

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