Introductions of edge control private label

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These days, many women seem to be understandably obsessed with letting go of their baby hair. Maybe we can thank Hollywood stars for that, or maybe it's because our moms are always doing it for us. Who knows? There are a lot of chemicals in many edge control private labels that can damage your hair, so if you're looking for nutritious ingredients that will make you look beautiful and healthy at the same time, maybe it's time to start choosing your edge control private label for your beautiful curls.

Here is the content list:

●Introductions of edge control private label.

●How to use the edge control private label?

Introduction of edge control private label

We spend a lot of time on our hair to make sure it fits in with everything we do. However, sometimes you don't have time to style your hair, or the hairstyle doesn't fit into your busy schedule. That's why edge control private label comes in. It takes just seconds to add a long-lasting, styling edge that beautifully frames your face, no matter what your hairstyle is. This edge control private label keeps your edges strong for over 24 hours.

①It is oil-based so it prevents edges from drying out or becoming brittle.

②No harsh ingredients such as alcohol, parabens, or sulfates, which can damage your hair and scalp. It is infused with hair growth oils to promote healthy edge growth and has a shiny and moisturized finished look.

③It doesn't leave any residue or white flakes, and the best part is that it dries quickly

④The edge control private label contains ingredients for extra hold, and it doesn't dry out while remains sticky.

⑤Suitable for all hair types and most importantly all textures: curly, straight, wavy, frizzy.

Please store the edge control private label in a cool dry place, and avoid direct heat and light. Room temperature is best for this product.

How to use the Edge control private label?

Apply a small amount of the edge control private label to the edges or around the scalp. Apply with fingertips or comb through until the product dries to hold the hair in place. Edge control private label promotes growth and keeps edges and hair firmly in place with superb holding power and without white flake. It makes edges look healthier and shinier than ever.

Apply a small amount of edge control private label with fingertips until hair stays in place or smooth with a brush or comb.

WARNING: Perform a patch test before full application and do not continue if irritation occurs. For external use only, avoid contact with eyes or mouth.

Ingredients of the edge control private label:

Water, glycerin extract, phenoxyethanol, castor oil, Ceteareth-25, Peg-7, avocado oil, propylene glycol, polyvinylpyrrolidone, methyl hydroxybenzoate, fragrance.

Guangdong Boming Biotechnology Co., Ltd. covers an area of about 15,000 square meters. On the development path of edge control private label, we will become the partner and close friends of our customers, and maximize our value in the development of various industries. Our website is We are hopeful for your reply. If you want to know more information about the edge control private label, welcome to consult us.

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