How to use the hair mousse

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Hair mousse is often overlooked, but it may be one of the best styling products for you. Let's start with the basics of what hair mousse is. Mousse, which means "foam" in French, tends to be lighter in consistency than gel and more elastic than cream. It can double or even triple the volume of your hair. Hair mousse can also help hair look and feel shimmering and give it more definition without tightening, as long as you know how to use it properly.

●Why need to correctly use the hair mousse?

●How to use the Hair mousse correctly?

Why need to correctly use the hair mousse?

There are many ways to use hair mousse effectively, and many reasons to choose mousse over other forms of styling. Hair mousse is an extremely versatile foam that you can use to shape and style hair strands, as well as protect and tame your hair, and control irregular curls. The mousse helps to curb frizz and make curls more elastic. Using the right amount of mousse does make a difference.

How to use the Hair mousse correctly?

The steps can be taken as follows:

① Step 1: Find the right formula for your hair and start with clean hair. The hair mousse is especially suitable for fine and flat hair, which can create a plump and plump figure for a long time. You'll get great styling, plus the extra help of keratin and ceramide for healthy, strong hair. These ingredients help fight moisture and provide more body to your strand without causing too much buildup.

② Step 2: Clean and shampoo. An important step in using the hair mousse is to prepare, wash, and condition your hair with a refreshing shampoo and conditioner. Dry your hair with a towel, leaving it slightly moist. You can also rewet your strands later to use with mousse styling for a smoother back look!

③ Step 3: Start small. When it comes to applying hair mousse effectively, a little goes a long way. Use a golf-ball-sized amount to start and spread from root to end. Instead of rinsing, quickly dry your hair with a hair dryer or hot tool of your choice to ensure that the product does not have any "wet spots" on your hair bundle. You can also use your finger or comb to scrub and distribute hair mousse evenly before it sets.

④ Step 4: From there, style your hair as desired. Whether it's braided, twisted, rotated, or just blow-dried can add volume to your roots. The possibilities are endless! You can use the hair mousse to explore different hairstyles and find different textures.

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