How to get smooth edges with natural hair

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Natural hair is coarse but fragile because these baby hairs can break easily if not handled properly. You may end up with a flaking product, coils that bounce back once you leave the house, or hard edges that aren't so cute. In this article, we'll teach you how to get smooth edges with natural hair, using the right tools and the right products such as strong hold edge control and no white edge control to get the smooth effect you want without damaging those precious hairs.

Using the serviceable product with the correctly method such as the extra hold edge control and using it in several times and in small amount.

Here is the content list:

●What are hair edges?

●How to get smooth edges with natural hair?

What are hair edges?

Hair edges, also known as baby hairs, are those soft, short, feathery hairs that are located near the scalp. Edges are most often seen on black women with natural hair, and these baby hairs can become masterpieces over the years. Traditionally a ritualistic hairstyle, many black women use it to improve the appearance of their hair and make the front look neater, and it can be smoothed or designed into swirls and other designs. So, it's necessary to use some edge controls.

How to get smooth edges with natural hair?

①Use edge control products:

If your edges are super short, you need to bring the big guns. For those who don't mind using formula products, edge controls are styling products designed to create smooth edges. Edge controls have a thick gel-like consistency that doesn't flow as well as regular hairspray (kind of like a mix of gel and moisturizing oil) and really gives your baby's hair a firm hold.

②Use the edge controls’ ingredients from nature:

If you're looking for edge control private label products to get smooth edges, choose heavy oils like Jamaican black castor oil or coconut oil. Because natural hair is curly and frizzy, it needs to be moldable, yet hold up all day. Jamaican black castor oil is a thick oil with a honey-like consistency, while coconut oil can be used on people with fine hair to lighten the weight of the hair. Before styling with these oils, make sure your edges are completely wet to avoid clashing with your coils.

③If you prefer a creamier consistency, shea butter or mango butter is the holy grail of edge taming. Both have a dense, thick consistency and are naturally non-drying, so your edges stay soft, smooth, and sleek.

When choosing edge control products, choose edge control with no residue that is low in alcohol and humectants. Alcohol can dry out hair and cause frizz and breakage, while moisturizers like honey, glycerin, and aloe vera can absorb moisture from the air, which can cause curls to snap back. The key is to find the right balance of moisturizing ingredients to keep edges soft. Simply dip your edge brush, hog bristle brush, or another favorite styling tool into the edge control, then brush down the hairs and shape them as you wish.

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