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Fasting Drying Waterproof Lace Adhesive Glue


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Product Name:Fasting Drying Waterproof Lace Adhesive Glue


Product Description:

Our unique invisible bonding helps hide your hairline and creates a natural look for your lace wig. Tested and certified for high temperatures and humidity, heavy perspiration, oily and sensitive skins, we promise your lace wig won’t lift or shift.

❤ Latex free

❤ Waterproof

❤ Perspiration resistant

❤ Extra Mega Hold

❤ Fast Drying

❤ Easy-to-Apply

How to use

1. Remove all residues and dirt around hairline.

2. Apply a thin layer of Lace Glue around hairline.

3. Wait until Wonder Lace Glue turns clear and tacky.

4. Apply lace wig on hairline and hold securely until dry.

5. For additional strength, add several coats of the Lace Glue


For external use only. Patch test on skin recommended. Do not ingest. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eye. If contact occurs, rinse thoroughly with warm water. Keep away from open wounds or irritated skin.


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