Attentions when using the custom edge controls

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Every girl with natural hair knows what it feels like to be a boss baby when her edges are flawlessly laid down. For many black women, styling baby hairs for those face-framing looks has been culturally ingrained since childhood, whether it's moms using edge controls to put down the edges or learning to use those tiny hairs to create designs and artwork as a picture-perfect haircut.

Here is the content list:

●What do you need to care for when using the custom edge controls?

●What are the differences between other edge controls?

What do you need to care for when using custom edge controls?

After using the custom edge control, you need to maintain it.

①Set your scarf with silk or satin:

Once your edge control gets smooth, you'll want them to stay that way. Take a large satin or silk scarf and carefully wrap it along your hairline, then tie it tightly so the style can dry completely and stay in place. Be sure to keep the scarf in place for at least 20 minutes and don't move it around. You may also choose to do this at night, dropping the edges and tying them before going to bed and waking up with soft, smooth edges. Why silk or satin? These fabrics have tightly packed fibers, and unlike cotton or other coarse fabrics, they won't pull or hook on your hair and ruin your beautiful creation. They also help hair strands retain moisture, promote shine and keep hair smooth, otherwise, you may end up with frizzy, dry edges after using the edge control.

②Using a pintail comb detail:

Have you ever seen artwork-like angles that are intricately designed and perfectly embellished? These are created using the tip of a pintail comb. Use the end of the comb to carefully define and shape your edges and designs. You can use more edge control products at this point if desired, but this is not completely necessary.

What are the differences between other edge controls?

①Edge control private label unlike other edge control products, this product is dry, not wet, to smooth frizzy edges for total control. Edge controls are also made with moisturizing ingredients such as aloe vera and honey to keep hair soft and manageable.

②Baby hair is delicate and needs as many thin layers of care as possible. We recommend this edge control because its ingredients focus on hydration and strength enhancement, such as biotin, coconut oil, and babassu seed oil. 

③If you have very stubborn edges, this kind of stronghold edge control is what you need. It has great hold, but is flake-free and infused with ingredients like castor oil and coconut oil. For extra shine and hold, we recommend this no-white edge control infused with argan oil for a strong and shiny facial frame.

We have many different types of edge controls available for production. We have a professional research and design team with over 15 years of cosmetic experience. We're here to make your business easier. From packaging to marketing, we lead the way. We offer a wide range of edge control private label products, so you can find exactly what you need. If you want to know more information about the custom edge control, welcome to consult us. Our website is

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